Web Hosting

        Virtual host refers to the Web server, Web hosting technology greatly improved the popularity of applications and network technology, we can place for enterprise Web sites and applications, as well as providing necessary data storage and transmission. Information technology service is through to promote the efficiency of information technology system, so that making the system to achieve the goal of efficient. Based on rich experience in Web development, we provide safe and effective solution for information technology services.

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Server Setup

Server can management resources and provide services, It have very high requirements in stability, security, performance. The server must have the guarantee function. We use website management and technical measures to ensure that the information data confidentiality, integrity and availability are protected in the web environment, and to ensure that the information transmitted by the Web site reached its destination without any added, changed, lost or illegally read.

Web Hosting and email Services

E-mail service is the most common and the most widely used Internet services. You can exchange information with anyone on the Internet by email. Email has the advantage of speed, variety of content and form, easy to use, low cost, security and so on.

Domain Register

Domain register is used to resolve the address correspondence problem and help for SEO optimization. Each domain name is not repeated. It is a limited resource and not only represents the company in the network by a unique location, but also enterprise products and services, image, goodwill etc. Domain is a part of intangible assets of enterprises.

Website Maintenance

A good website needs to update content regularly or irregularly, in order to continue to attract more visitors and increase traffic, take more networking opportunities in a rapidly changing society. Maintenance make website run more smoothly and more convenient.

Website Content Update

Website Content Update different for Website maintenance, Website content update is very important. Website update is for customers to add, remove, or change the images, graphics, Web pages, and other content that you want. We provide to customers create a constantly updated optimization network environment.

Anti-Hack Service

Hackers attacks and destruction have the great harm. Hackers are harmful to network information security and may cause network paralysis. Important data in the system may be tampered, destroyed or lost. That will cause the system to crash and business paralysis. System crash will bring great economic and moral losses from enterprise. We will use a wealth of network security experience, to provide prevent enterprises with hacking and anti-hacking protection program. Improve your website security.

Website debug

Creating a website you need to write the code, but in Web site after a successful deployment you might encounter some errors. We will use our years of experience in network operations for Website debugging. Discovered and modifies the error code. We provide protection for website running.

Backup Website Service

With the development of information technology, the importance of information security is becoming more and more obvious. PC backup is critical to enterprise. Computer saves a variety of information and data. But it cannot avoid hacker attacks or computer problems such as unexpected outages. So regularly backing up your data is a means of protecting data. That is also the last line of Defense against hackers attack

Restore problem files

Data loss is a very common situation in storage devices. Data loss reasons are complex. Many enterprises have the trouble that the data cannot be recovered. That is incalculable loss to enterprise. We have many years of experience can make amends for enterprise data loss. That will significantly reduce data loss caused by the loss.