Basic steps in website design that must be mastered

The steps of website design are not the same as the steps of website construction. It needs a series of technological processes such as website planning, production, advertising, daily updating, etc. Website design is equivalent to positioning a website style and theme. Just like the way we dress, everyone has the style of everyone. If you don't want to become popular, you need to have your own unique thoughts and become the brightest star in the crowd. That website design for the site is playing this role, want to stand out in the peer also need to be clear about their website design style. Now let's take a look at the basic steps of website design.

One, determine the theme of the website design

The basic step of website design is primarily the theme of the website, that is, to determine the main content of the website. If you want to build a good website, you must identify a clear theme.

For the current e-commerce website and enterprise brand website, we must first analyze and consider the purpose or needs of your own website, as well as the needs of the customers, and then determine the theme of your website design.

Two. Collect website design materials

Once the theme of the website is established, it is necessary to collect all aspects of the material on the subject. For a website, building a good theme is the first step, and also the key to website design. Therefore, it is necessary to collect various images, templates, style structures, backgrounds and other materials, and then to sort and select the materials collected from our website.

Three. Design the framework of web structure

The key to building a website is good website design. How to plan websites and achieve the perfect webpage design is a problem that web designers must solve. Site planning contains a lot of content, such as site structure, column configuration, site style, color matching, layout, text image use, etc. need to be considered. Only in this way can we create personalized, characteristic and attractive websites.

Four. Site design style positioning

Before designing websites, the most important thing is the location of the company and products. Accurate positioning is not only conducive to the company to capture market trends, but also conducive to attracting relevant groups, improve the correct use of website users, improve the competitiveness of the company. Only the company provides accurate positioning for web design, designers can make use of previous website production experience, provide advice and planning for the company, identify the style of the website, search related topics, share experience, and analyze the same peer website. To lay a solid foundation for the success of website post production, it is possible to stand out in the same industry.

Five, the determination of layout design

The basic steps of website design after understanding the design style of the website, complete the corresponding survey to determine the basic layout of the website page design. At this time, the company can provide some of the company's information and website design related to the design of the program, to facilitate designers to follow-up work. The designer will organize the data and make overall design to form the initial structure of the website. Docking with the company, writing agreement with both parties and continuing the next step.

Six. Web design is the key

When users enter the website design, if the first time of web design can attract the attention of users and whether to meet the needs of the users, this is the key to the survival of the web site. Only to meet the needs of users, to provide users with a good website experience is the user's favorite, and the user's liking is the key to the survival of the site. Therefore, we must pay special attention to website design. We can communicate with the company, understand the company's image, product characteristics, should highlight the key points and competitors website features. Combining key information, integrating company characteristics and creating themes. Users focus on favorite websites. This requires not only the rich experience of the site's production designers, but also the full cooperation of the company and the provision of relevant information as far as possible in order to make the site a success.