Basic steps in website design that must be mastered

The steps of website design are not the same as the steps of website construction. It needs a series of technological processes such as website planning, production, advertising, daily updating, etc. Website design is equivalent to positioning a website style and theme. Just like the way we dress, everyone has the style of everyone. If you don't want to become popular, you need to have your own unique thoughts and become the brightest star in the crowd. That website design for the site is playing this role, want to stand out in the peer also need to be clear about their website design style. Now let's take a look at the basic steps of website design.One, determine the theme of the website designThe basic step of website design is primarily the theme of the website, that is, to determine the main content of the website. If you want to build a good website, you must identify a clear theme.For the current e-commerce website and enterprise brand website, we must first analyze and consider the purpose or needs of your own website, as well as the needs of the customers, and then determine the theme of your website design.Two. Collect website design materialsOnce the theme of the website is established, it is necessary to collect all aspects of the material on the subject. For a website, building a good theme is the first step, and also the key to website design. Therefore, it is necessary to collect various images, templates, style structures, backgrounds and other materials, and then to sort and select the materials collected from our website.Three. Design the framework of web structureThe key to building a website is good website design. How to plan websites and achieve the perfect webpage design is a problem that web designers must solve. Site planning contains a lot of content, such as site structure, column configuration, site style, color matching, layout, text image use, etc. need to be considered. Only in this way can we create personalized, characteristic and attractive websites.Four. Site design style positioningBefore designing websites, the most important thing is the location of the company and products. Accurate positioning is not only conducive to the company to capture market trends, but also conducive to attracting relevant groups, improve the correct use of website users, improve the competitiveness of the company. Only the company provides accurate positioning for web design, designers can make use of previous website production experience, provide advice and planning for the company, identify the style of the website, search related topics, share experience, and analyze the same peer website. To lay a solid foundation for the success of website post production, it is possible to stand out in the same industry.Five, the determination of layout designThe basic steps of website design after understanding the design style of the website, complete the corresponding survey to determine the basic layout of the website page design. At this time, the company can provide some of the company's information and website design related to the design of the program, to facilitate designers to follow-up work. The designer will organize the data and make overall design to form the initial structure of the website. Docking with the company, writing agreement with both parties and continuing the next step.Six. Web design is the keyWhen users enter the website design, if the first time of web design can attract the attention of users and whether to meet the needs of the users, this is the key to the survival of the web site. Only to meet the needs of users, to provide users with a good website experience is the user's favorite, and the user's liking is the key to the survival of the site. Therefore, we must pay special attention to website design. We can communicate with the company, understand the company's image, product characteristics, should highlight the key points and competitors website features. Combining key information, integrating company characteristics and creating themes. Users focus on favorite websites. This requires not only the rich experience of the site's production designers, but also the full cooperation of the company and the provision of relevant information as far as possible in order to make the site a success.

After the design of the company's website,how do you increase user access?

Nowadays, the purpose of company website design is just to expand the network business, better publicity and development of the company. But most companies still do not have a certain understanding of the site, only think that the site will be built after a certain benefit. That kind of idea is very wrong, and if the website website is designed without any use of no use, that is for most customers, the site traffic is not going, the amount of access is very low, the following is to share several ways to improve the site traffic.First, after the company website design, the website promotion strategy is not good; the flow is not rising, if not for other reasons, such as the points listed in this article, it should be because the website in the promotion of the use of improper promotion strategy; this is a science, but also an art. It requires webmasters to have the spirit of learning and innovation and practice. Try to find a strategy that is suitable for the promotion of your website. It is appropriate to quote others appropriately, but it is not recommended to copy all contents.Second, the company's website design is updated and maintained; when many web site administrators start making websites, they are full of enthusiasm, promotion and promotion are also very effective. However, once relaxed, the relationship between traffic and PR will retrogress. The reason is that the website is not updated and maintained.Third, if the site is unique; a personal station must be done well, strong and big; it must be innovative, otherwise it is difficult to compete with websites that have already established a foothold in this industry.Fourth, whether the content of the website is rich or not, it is a large proportion of its originality; the reason for the popularity of the design website in the Internet users is that its content is attractive; if it has good content and good publicity, then such a website will be welcome. Not only will she be welcomed by Internet users, but she will also be welcomed by search engines such as Baidu and Google.Fifth, what is the quality of web pages? If your website is made very rough, there is no doubt that the amount of visits is absolutely not good. Chinese netizens can say that they are very critical, especially the speed of web page opening. More importantly, I want webmasters to pay more attention to this.Sixth, the website content or business expansion of the company's Web site; we can see large sites like Baidu and Google, they continue to expand their business, not to mention our small stations; when our web site runs a period of time, the current traffic has not changed much, and we should Consider whether we want to expand our business, which will increase traffic and generate very high advertising costs.

Website design companies must learn and master technology.

Website design is such a powerful thing in the eyes of ordinary people, and at the same time, it is so easy. Although they cannot build a website themselves, they imagine that it is too easy for website builders to build a website in their imagination.And what I'm saying is, this speculation is totally unfounded!In fact, website building is a very complex process, especially for the site builder to learn a lot of things.So what technologies do you have to learn and master?Here's how to combine years of experience.Must learn the technology one: the web designIn this case, web design, as you've learned in class, is a technique of using three swordsmen's PS to write web pages.However, real web design is not so simple. Although you are a beginner, I am not bluffing. If you can make the effect as dazzling as this website, you can say that it has been very successful.But it's not the end. There's more to it than you think.But for a web design company, learning how to design a web site is a waste of creativity and life if you only use visual tools to write color and layout related web pages.Learn how web pages work, then learn HTML tags, each of which has only one effect, and then learn CSS styles.Such a simple step, if done right, can take three weeks to a month.After that time, you won't be able to write a good web page. Look at how people's web pages are rendered.At the same time, your web page is not up to standard, and if you use some tools to detect it, there will be a lot of error reporting.But this is a time when you don't have to go through the various standards of web design, and it's not quite there for you.What you want most now is to have some effect, to be able to make some eye-catching pages.That's all right, so long as you've learned HTML CSS, you can easily use tags and styles for layout, color, line, and more.Technique two you must learn: JavascriptNo matter what other technology, web building companies can't understand website building unless they understand javascript.Is javascript so important that you suddenly feel stressed out and even worried about your ability to continue learning?No, javascript is important, but learning youdao doesn't have to be very advanced to stop.Mastering the basics of javascript is a must, and after you do, read about javascript performance and how it works so you don't regret learning javascript.If you're sure you have a basic grasp of javascript?Very simple, open other people's website, look at some of the effects on other people's website, if it is implemented with javascript, look at his source code, can you understand it?With Google, you get it, you get it, you don't get it, you keep learning until you can write different logical programs that do the same thing.Don't go through too much, just do it two or three times, and you've got some basic javascript methods in place.When you have something to use later, it's not too late to go to Google.And if you're going to decide to go further down the javascript path, then you're not going to have to go through all of this in this article, but if you do, you're going to be able to do a lot of work in the future, because you already have the costs.Javascript is not only a necessary technology for HTML5, but also a basic and core technology for front-end development.Must learn technology 3: website space, domain name, Ftp useThese are not technologies for web design companies, but skills.Have certain economic strength, choose the website space and domain name registration that oneself can afford, make own website public finally, publicize, let more friends see your work.In addition to the above technologies that must be learned and mastered, you can also choose to master the general technologies:Optional technology 1: server operation and maintenanceThis technology of network design company contains a lot of branch, basically deal with the hardware software of the bottom that supports a website to run, as mentioned in the previous chapter, it is the ground below the foundation of the website design, the soft hard condition that website design must rely on, without it, everything is off the table.If you compare him to fixing a computer, you can't go too far. However, he is not always fixing the computer hardware.I think there are very few novices who are willing to listen to me. I just want to let you know how important he is.Alternative technology 2: AJAXThis is the technology within the javascript system, but it became the most important technology on the Internet at the beginning of the 21st century, and it has been used and developed by almost any website of any size for nearly a decade.Now, few people think of it as a way or a technology for javascript, and people are more likely to use it than to talk about it.Simply put, ajax allows your web page to submit data, interact, retrieve data, and return results without refreshing it.When ajax is used continuously in a web page and an asynchronous group appears, the web site is like a QQ space, like a software running in your browser.Currently, there is no specialized position to provide the technology of AJAX, which is attached to the technology of the front-end engineer and is an indispensable part of the front-end.Optional technology 3: HTML5As the development of mobile Internet, HTML5 can be embedded into applications in the form of WEBAPP, becoming an important role for mobile terminals to replace original applications.Under the influence of HTML5, some developers even abandoned the development of android applications and chose to use HTML5 technology to develop their own mobile clients.On the PC platform, HTML5 not only makes the page semantic, but also gives the HTML programmatic features. It also makes the page move and sway, no longer a monotonous horizontal layout, but also a free layout, dynamic layout, which can be called remotely by API, which can create local database, and interact with users, etc.In the foreseeable future, HTML5 technology will inevitably become the mainstream of website development and even APP development, at least in website development.In addition to regular web sites, developers can embed web pages in local applications, whether on PCS or mobile clients.In the browser, HTML5 will also make the web page like a software interface, complete user interaction, especially some traffic, maps, navigation and other web interfaces.HTML5 is still a relatively new technology, so the prospects are good.Optional technique 4: PHP/Ruby/PythonAmong many background development languages, I only recommend these three. As mentioned in the previous chapters, background technology seems to be the ultimate goal for beginners. Mastering a good background language can almost accomplish common website development, and a complete set of development ideas and concepts have been developed.However, this is not the case. First, it is not easy to master a development language.Second, once you have mastered a development language, you need to learn more AIDS and techniques, and there is no limit to your learning.Of the three development languages, PHP is relatively mature and is currently the most popular.You can see that even facebook was developed in PHP.Ruby, on the other hand, is relatively new, although the technology maturity is not quite ideal, yet it has a large following due to its unique development concepts and patterns.Of course, learners are not excluded from the neologism. They always believe that new things are the best and would rather abandon everything to follow.All in all, long periods of development language writing are necessary to get into the real world of developers.Alternative technology 5: databasesThere are many database systems in website design companies, ranging from oracle to excel. In short, there are many kinds of database systems.I am most familiar with MySQL database, but only to a certain extent. There are special MySQL database engineers.In the construction of general website, if you use the asp development, often used with the access, and, c, c #, Java and Microsoft SQL server often used together, of course there are other database, such as IBM DB2 and so on, anyway you want to be a database engineer, the first thing to do the first step is to master database theory, the second step is to discuss which database grinds only.On the contrary, our domestic database development is relatively weak, we often see a lot of a lot on the Internet site, but have no several domestic large database company hiring, or someone posted their own database, this means the database entry barrier is high, the cost is large, natural income is relatively high, so select the database industry is also the current domestic good a way, just go through a lot of pain.Optional technology 6: network marketing and promotionWebsite design company to learn this still can count as a skill or ability, in the case of don't understand the deep technology, the target location in the marketing and promotion can also enter into the Internet industry, but the domestic present form is not ideal, a lot of people do marketing and promotion, market, customers, income is not so high as the imagination.

How do you control the details of the company's website design?

Website design, now for an enterprise, it is very necessary to build a website, but first of all, it should make clear the key points of building a website, so as to build a website faster and better, and let the website play its important role.That a good website construction also cannot leave to control the details, in the company website design we often need to pay attention to the following major details.First, from the overall graspWhen we open a website, what attracts us should be the overall style of the website design. For example, at this time, we close the laptop and turn off the phone.What is alipay like?What is jingdong like...E-commerce sites, we found that even the same do website integral style has a lot of difference, the overall difference reflected on the whole style, also reflected in the local details, these details including the placement of the logo layout, the selection of image processing, the size of the interval, in different regions in the choice of alignment and spacing, and order.Don't take these designs for granted, but they are a combination of aesthetics, psychology, big data and so on. Why the products recommended on Tmall homepage are quite different from those recommended on homepage?Ii. Requirements for secondary website detailsThe company's web site design to secondary site details requirements.I have finished the homepage design of the website, which is the design of the secondary website. Compared with the homepage design, one is in front of the stage and the other is behind the stage.The weight of a website, actually very second level domain name more or less has various relations, take link for example, in the home page, all links are real and effective, but in the second level domain name, there are a large number of invalid links, because of neglect of management, these dead links may be more and more, how to do?This requires attention to details. For this, at the beginning of the website launch, the production staff should check the required documents or attachments and check whether there are any omissions.Thoroughly check all links on your site for correct addresses, incorrect links, dead links, or poor logic.And after the website goes online, also must establish the regular inspection system, especially after the website upgrades, is a key work.Of course, there are still many details to be improved in the secondary domain, such as some seemingly unimportant content and some important columns of the website, which are all displayed in the secondary domain in front of users and search engines, and guidance and interface design are very important.3. Detailed construction of website backgroundCompany web site design background details construction.Once thought the network editor complained that the company's background design was too maddening, the original text that had been arranged in the text editing tool version, to the background, the paragraph in front of two more lines, but had to be re-typesetting, no doubt, such a bad design, both more effort, experience is quite poor.For example, picture editing, different background of the website, the requirements on pictures are different, there is a website background only two specifications for pictures, vertical version a specification, horizontal version a specification, this practice is not known why?Mobile web site has entered the era of responsiveness and the website backstage also abide by the inherent thinking, so the website backstage, and users, and it doesn't make much difference whether web site search engine optimization (seo), but don't forget, a web site with their employees, the background is convenient, there is no doubt to website optimization to provide a comfortable environment.Iv. Content arrangement detailsThe content layout details of the company's website design, of course, we talk about the content from the design details, and the content details require the content of the website to be well formatted. When we do the design, we can use 12px font as the standard font of the website, but the content of the body should be set to 14px.Secondly, there are pictures. The pictures of the products should not be deformed.The tool and the background editor is profound relationship, show in front of the user's size, photo size, want to consider different devices display effect, of course, there are sites next to the content and advertising, in the presence of a large number of ads, do you have any blocking content, if there is any impact to the web page open speed, these are all web designers need to consider, advertising can bring profits for web site, however, maddening open speed, or interesting content is advertising make dazzling, ask yourself, do so, a better tomorrow for site, or harvest site bonus!Don't think that the web design technology is very mature, you can take it lightly.In fact, the development of website design is very much like the development of mobile phones. Ten years ago, only mobile phones that accept the functions of SMS and voice calls were priced between 1,000 and 2,000 yuan.The company's web site design also increasingly emphasizes user experience, and the better the user experience, the better the brand will be.And satisfying the user's idea is reflected in the details, which determine the success or failure of the details. This includes technology and human design.

What are the elements of high quality official website design?

Now, with the rapid development of the network, the official website design is gradually popular in the enterprise. This way of preemption on the Internet has been favored by many companies. However, it is not easy to design the official website of the enterprise. First of all, we should consider and understand the elements of high quality official website design.1. design the content of the website in advanceWeb site design is very important for official website design to get users' attention and affection. Web page is the initial impression of the user on the website evaluation, the web design is very good, can not be able to catch the user's eyeball quickly in the shortest time, can not quickly obtain the user's needs, prolong the user's stay time, which is the key content of the website. A high quality web design page design should be clear navigation, prominent focus and clear theme, but also can quickly get the user's good feeling, users can also capture the information website that they need on the website. Such a website needs the designer to design the web page and content in advance. It is possible to stand out in many websites and become a high quality website.2. it is reasonable to use HTMLHTML is a powerful tool that can improve the quality of a website. It is essential for the quality detection and design of almost all websites. It can make the web pages of the site more in line with search and related standards, reduce site errors, save builders time, is a good helper to improve the quality of the site. While choosing the virtual machine in the official website, it is necessary to choose the trustworthy, good performance and outstanding work. In addition, it is also necessary to consider whether the operation is stable or not, and can also consider the web site to a successful trust platform, which is simple and time saving for the novice.3. website activities should be paid attention toBy observing, we can find that the high-quality official website that the user likes usually has its own website activities. For example, a survey of gifts, holiday gifts, new product evaluation and courtesy, etc., can not only increase the interaction between customers, but also provide a continuous supply of energy to the website. If the site is flexible and popular with users, it is also possible to increase the number of users to use the site, which is very useful. Regular site activities can also be held to consolidate the user's love for the website, but also in the invisible to tell the user site is a special person, can increase the trust of the user to the website.In a word, if you want to build a high quality official website, in addition to following the above points, and combining the characteristics of the user, starting from the user's own needs and use habits, to meet the various needs of the user, the long time application and accumulation can attract more and more users to use the website, the website is finally shaped. To become a user friendly, high-quality official website is just around the corner.