Web Design

        Visitors first impressions of the companys from the web page, web design is very important. Web design is divided into three categories: Functional web design, image type web design and information web design. According to the purpose of different web should choose a different page planning and design. SOSOMEDIA provides a completely personalized web design and web programming service from scratch, through the use of reasonable color, font selection, landscaping, style planning and interactive function page design give the most perfect visual experience of users. SOSOMEDIA has always been committed to the design of a highly interesting, personalized, easy to grasp the users web design and provide the most professional network consulting

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Company Website Design

The Internet is the only all-weather and uninterrupted media platform. Enterprise web site not only can show the enterprise image and enhance the enterprise image, but also can map out enterprise respect and attitude for the customers. We will provide the most creative and visual impact of enterprise website design with professional perspective and business design thinking. in order to achieve enhance the publicity effect the corporate brand image and enhance the public awareness of the purpose.

Motion Graphic Design

Motion Graphic provides the most cutting-edge environment for the IT industry of create interactive web pages and electronic experience and mobile content. We can give customers the most professional design and interactive content with authority through MG production. Colorful video production, unique image and animation design


Current market competition is becoming increasingly fierce; businesses rely on traditional marketing to gain competitive advantage in the market is more and more difficult. With the development of the Internet, Internet marketing enriches the enterprises marketing ways. Internet marketing is the lowest cost and the most effective marketing of a marketing model. We provide the most appropriate network solution and achieve the best enterprise marketing.

IT Consultation

With the popularization of network and public awareness rising. More and more enterprises are trying to carry out marketing activities through the network to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. But most of the traditional enterprise in doubt -- how to do an effective network marketing? We will solve the problems of enterprise network. We will provide research of targeted network market, combined with enterprises development characteristics of network planning, for the enterprise to create an accurate image of the brand network.

Hosting Server

Hosting server can improve website access speed for the customer, put customer managed server and related equipment to the perfect facilities room. Network data center for real-time monitoring of network equipment and high quality network environment, abundant bandwidth resources and operational experience. Network data center can ensure the customer system to achieve safe, reliable, stable and efficient operation.

Website Maintenance

A good website needs to update content regularly or irregularly, in order to continue to attract more visitors and increase traffic, take more networking opportunities in a rapidly changing society. Maintenance make website run more smoothly and more convenient.

Content Management System

CMS uses a unified method to organize information, that is, to classified information of the same type. Each type of information can create, view, edit, and delete the four different actions and adoption of uniform user and rights management to control the use of information, constitutes a complete organization and management of information systems. Business management automation demand can be achieved, and effectively improve the efficiency of network management.

Yahoo / Google Advertise

Yahoo and Google are famous in the Internet media and occupied half of the search engines. Put into Yahoo and Google Network promotion can bring a lot of potential customers for the enterprise. It effectively improves the level of marketing and brand awareness. We can provide businesses with Yahoo and Google network promotion services. Through the corporate image design style to help companies improve brand awareness.

Online Shopping System

With the development of the Internet and into the information age, networks and life more closely, users can free to purchase products or services through the network at any time. Online shopping systems can provide low-cost operation and customer base to enterprises without geographical limits. We will design and develop exclusive system, to provide enterprises more comprehensive, stable, and reliable online shopping system.