Brand Development

         "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." By Steve Jobs.

We believe branding decide a company’s DESTINY, it tells the story about your company and your business idea. At the right time and place, the brand's information is passed to the appropriate method in an appropriate manner. Each brands should have it’s story, we are here to help you to tell your story to your customers in an efficient way. We are a good storyteller.

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Branding includes


At first we will clearly understand client’s thoughts and ideas. Consolidate all the thinkings into one simple message which is most represent the business idea and brands position.

Marketing Positioning

After finish your brand story we then doing research about your competitor, furthermore, we need to find out who interest about your story. After knowing your target audience’s taste, we will formulate how to tell the story and what branding image attract them.

Logo Design

Logo is the main symbol to tell people your idea of your business and to attract them. All our work will focus on how to represent the main concept of your brand with one simple icon that fully communicate your business idea to your target audience.

Photo Shoot

After the branding elements have been set. We will help to formulate a photography style which align with your brand style. We will conduct a series of photo shooting with your products and services.

Branding Materials

When all the materials are ready, It’s time to build all the branding items with brand guideline. Include but not limited to packaging, letterhead & envelope, business card, leaflet, UI, PPT, stationery etc.

Web / APP Development

With our strong IT background, It’s our strength to tell you story via online, website or APP. We have finished over 1000+ website and digital project. Our technical team have built a significant project, Helpbe, which approved by Cyberport.


With over 10 years advertising experience, we developed a strong marketing sense and customer behaviors. We helped to plan and execute the promotion and outperform client’s expectation within their budget. We also help your brand to crossover with different resources to maximise your returns and making win win win situation.

Event Operation

The final stage for the born of your brand. It’s time to introduce your brand to your clients with a launch event. We take care each detail for your event, from planning to execution, inviting guests, media and celebrities. We concern how they feel and what they can get from your events. We put your brand on top our life!