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Apps Development

Apps will help to open the social marketing channels, improve the penetration of brand awareness. It improve great help to promote the dissemination of enterprise information

Website design

Enterprise website design not only show enterprise elegant demeanor and corporate image,
but also can map out respect and attitude of to every customer

E-Marketing Solution

E-marking solution more effectively for the corporate to establish a good brand image,
so that enterprises to upgrade overall competitiveness


Online Platform

Online platform can reduce the management costs of enterprises, also can obtain more profits through e-commerce activities.

Web Hosting

web host can be used for enterprise to place the site and application components,
providing data storage and transfer functions that ensure the security of enterprise information security.

Media Production

Media Production can enrich the content of enterprise communication and optimize the spread of viewing experience, it brings great help for the enterprise to promote

New financial technology solutions

Sosomedia team has more than 10 years of software development experience. We have provided market analysis, financial management platform, financial information services and investor application development services with institutions in the United States, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places. He has completed 500 Multiple IT projects.

In view of the need to transform the financial industry in Hong Kong in recent years, many companies need to introduce technological elements, and the system needs to be improved in terms of technology. We are also fully committed to providing tailor-made corporate solutions for more financial industry customers. Meet the operational needs of the financial industry. Can enhance Hong Kong's competitiveness in the field of financial technology in the long run

We are committed to providing customers with the highest quality and uninterrupted support and system maintenance, system maintenance, as well as the latest transaction functions and cutting-edge technology. It is a trusted provider of financial platform solutions for customers.

Website Design Example Demonstrates
Apps Development and Website design optimization program Service proposal
Demand and interaction experience Determine the structure and layout
Website design development Develop and test the program
  • Website design work
  • Website design company
  • Website design requirements
  • Website design requirements
Intentions to create the creative works

You need to develop a favorable App Development/ Website Design Marketing Strategy

SOSOMEDIA is a world-class website design company. We know how to promote the greatest return for customers

Brand Marketing

Creative creativity makes endless possibilities. We will built brand strategy according to the corporate culture, Professional enterprise website design, Enhance the brand influence.

Communication Values

We take the brand values as center and pay attention to whole and details. We committed to doing the most valuable for customers to spread, optimize the brand value and image.

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